Student Support

In 2019, Section U will support four students to attend the AAAS Annual Meetings.

  • George Prugh, Georgetown University
  • Victoria Sabo, Georgetown University
  • Bailey Premeaux, Georgetown University
  • Emily Kubicek, Gallaudet University

Each year, the section sends an announcement around September 1 to departments within 60 miles of the next annual meeting location. The departments are invited to nominate up to 5 upper division undergraduate or graduate students to attend the meetings. We ask for a single letter of endorsement from the department chair, director of undergraduate programs, or director of graduate programs for the nominated students in addition to a one-page statement from the student about the value to them of attending the AAAS Annual Meeting. The date for the return of the materials is November 1. A committee comprised of the Section U Secretary, Section U Past Chair, and two Section U members appointed by the Section U chair review the materials and select a number of students consistent with our budget that year.

AAAS requests full names, institutions, and contact information for each selected student by the beginning of December.