Welcome to Section U!

Welcome to the homepage of Section U, the Statistics section of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS). We are one of the 24 sections of AAAS.

Section U promotes understanding of statistics by presenting symposia and sponsoring speakers at AAAS meetings, and by encouraging members and their colleagues to present their work in ways that are understandable to other scientists and to the public. Because the study of statistics is highly interdisciplinary, Section U actively seeks to cooperate with other AAAS Sections in planning symposia.

The theme of the 2017 AAAS meeting isĀ Serving Science Through Science Policy.

To make decisions, societies rely on knowledge and multiple perspectives. Policies both within and outside science should be informed by the best available evidence. Science alone cannot translate knowledge into viable policy options; other factors include societal norms and cultural values. One aspect of science policy is advancing the practice of science: How do we continually improve scientific methods, mechanisms, and outputs to increase the value of science to society? Another aspect of science policy is providing the best available scientific evidence to policymakers, community leaders, and citizens. How can we most effectively provide scientific evidence that informs policy? What are the roles for scientists as individuals and for the scientific enterprise as a whole in the policy landscape? What emerging and established areas of science are essential to future policy decisions?