Welcome to Section U!

Welcome to the homepage of Section U, the Statistics section of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS). We are one of the 24 sections of AAAS.

Section U promotes understanding of statistics by presenting symposia and sponsoring speakers at AAAS meetings, and by encouraging members and their colleagues to present their work in ways that are understandable to other scientists and to the public. Because the study of statistics is highly interdisciplinary, Section U actively seeks to cooperate with other AAAS Sections in planning symposia.

The 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, DC February 14-18, 2019, and the theme is Science Transcending Boundaries. Describing this theme:

How can science help address the many divisions in our communities, in global society, and in science itself? Science plays a unique and important role in how people see and understand the world, and how lines and distinctions are drawn. At this Annual Meeting, we look for ways science is bringing together people, ideas, and solutions from across real and artificial borders, disciplines, sectors, ideologies, and traditions. How can science working across boundaries improve its ability to find solutions to the pressing problems of our age? How can scientists, wherever they work, more effectively engage with the broader society? How can we find better ways to engage the public, especially in expanding access to science and scientific careers? At the international level, science diplomacy builds bridges between countries. How can we encourage more of this, and utilize science as a common ground more locally as well? Can science contribute information that might reduce or mitigate the starkly divergent interests of different populations and demographics, such as urban and rural communities? What boundaries most impede your research or your career? While acknowledging that some boundaries are useful and necessary, the meeting theme considers how research can be applied to problematic separations in the world, and how unhelpful boundaries within science are being addressed.